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The new normal may be 'the normal' for some time to come, we're all cutting down contact and respectfully keeping a distance, your customers will return and will expect that.

We can help with Table Ordering - our system helps in minimising contact as your clients sat at your tables can order their food and drink without your staff visiting their table to take an order. 

So here's how it works, the customer scans a QR code displayed on their table and it opens a webpage like the above and the customer types in their table number, details and their food and drink order and presses submit, a second or two later the order arrives at the laptop or device by the till, 'table order from table number 22'.

The order is then processed and drinks are taken out and the waiter says, 'and your food is on it's way'. Or the takeaway calls you back and says - pick your food up at..

You can collect some info from customers too and then use that with your marketing.

You see we provide you with a poster either A4 or A5  with the QR codes, you can have your wi-fi code,and details as you require.

More info? Scan the QR for a demo

Please give me, Andrew Read a call on 07770901230 or email andrew@a2a.co.uk See our main website at a2a.co.uk

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